Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL)Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum,the first of its kind in India was established in the year 2001 at HAL Airport Road about 10 kms. from Bengaluru City Railway Station.The Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum is spread over 4 acres of lush green land.
Heritage Centre & Aerospace MuseumThere are two major halls,one displaying the photographs that chart the growth of aviation in each decade from 1940 till date.

The second hall displays motorized cross section of models of aero engines,highlighting various functions of the engines.

Some real engines such as Garret( Dornier) Adour(Jaguar)and Orpheus ( Kiran)could be seen here.

Heritage Centre & Aerospace MuseumThe Museum is a repertoire of knowledge for the academically minded as it houses a library on Aerospace and traces the development of the industry’s exciting phases since 1940.The Museum has got the prized possession of various types of Aircraft models on static display.

There is also an ATC Radar perched with L-band surveillance radar having a range of 200 nautical miles which rotates at a speed of 3-4 RPM,with the frequency of 1250-1350 MHZ.In addition,PSLV model and PSLV Heat shield are displayed to give a glimpse of forays made by the country in the space technology.
Heritage Centre & Aerospace MuseumThere is a true motion simulator to accentuate the user experience by giving a very realistic feel of flying fighter jets and commercial aircrafts.

Apart from this,an Orchidarium,herbal garden,children’s play area,a Souvenir shop and a sustainability development park are the added attractions in the campus.The sustainability park aims to educate visitors and students by displaying working models of solar systems,bio-gas plant and hybrid wind mills.

The Museum is open to public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all days.

Note: Ticket issue closes at 4:30 PM.

Entry Fees: 

Entrance Fees(Adult)

Rs 50/-  per head

Entrance Fee(Students and Children upto 18 yrs)      

Rs 30/- per head(with ID card )

Entrance Fee(Children upto 3 years)   


Physically Handicapped    


Still Camera     

Rs 50/- per each

Video Camera   

Rs 75/- per each

Basic Simulator Game  

Rs 50/- per head

Motion simulator       

Rs 100/- per head

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